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Steamed Orange for Cough

Steamed Orange for Cough

This method had been tested by many people. One of the best methods to stop cough.

This is an old Chinese remedy that is very effective. Take an Orange at room temperature. Make a hole on top of the orange with a chopstick and run chopstick around the inside of the orange to loosen up the pulp. Ensure skin remains intact. Then place some honey and 2-3 cubes of rock sugar into the hole. Steam the orange in a double boiler on a low flame for 2 hours just before your bedtime. E.g if your bedtime is 10pm then start steaming the orange at 8.00pm. Once done squeeze out the juice and drink it immediately. Go straight to bed and cover yourself with a blanket. Do this 2 days in a row and you will be amazed with the results.

Cut off a little shelf of top. Add a ½ teaspoon of salt

Place in a bowl and steam it 20 minute and finish the whole orange.

Dont forget to finish the water left in the bowl. Its taste sour and salty, good for cure.

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